“In my country we don’t go into rooms unless we are invited.”
   “Welcome to America.” Kit swung the doors open.--Death In Door County, No. 3 in The Val & Kit Mystery Series

   “Not when an employee of mine was at the scene of the crime, Valerie.” He paused to take a cigar out of an aluminum tube and proceeded to light it. He doesn’t seem to think smoking regulations apply to him. “Let’s put the whole thing behind us. It’s terrible, but it’s none of our business.”
   “Gee, Boss, that big ol’ heart of yours is gonna get you in trouble.”
   “Just go back to work, okay? Sell some houses, and I’ll be a happy camper.”--LETHAL PROPERTY, No. 4 in The Val & Kit Mystery Series

“Some friend you are,” she said. Her laughter had subsided. “My husband with Miss Nice’n Easy is amusing to you?”--THE MURDER OF SUSAN REED, No. 2 in The Val & Kit Mystery Series

   “I’ve heard him on the phone a couple of times, and I’ve heard him say her name. It makes me wonder if he’s ever gotten over her. Val, I told you Tom wouldn’t be available forever, and now sure enough . . .”
   I still couldn’t imagine such a thing. I convinced myself that was the only reason the very idea left me feeling unsettled. There wasn’t even a hint of jealousy involved, and Billie was as off base as Kit always is to imply something more than friendship or a work relationship on either Tom’s or my agenda.
   “Perry tells me she and Tom were pretty hot and heavy back in the day . . .  Seems they had a real romantic relationship going on until the distance got to them. Perry doesn’t know who called it off, but he said his uncle moped around for weeks.”
   “Weeks, huh? Must have been real serious,” I said, hoping to mask my shock with sarcasm. I made a mental note to ask Kit if she knew anything about it.Type your paragraph here.--PALM DESERT KILLING, No. 5 in The Val & Kit Mystery Series

   “You wait until now to tell me this?” Kit applied a deep-copper shade of M.A.C. lipstick.
   I turned the corner onto Mavis’s street. “No big deal. We often have attractive men in our office.”
   “Right, it’s like GQ headquarters over there.” She put her lipstick back in her purse. “Single?”
   “Apparently so.”
   “Well, I didn’t see his bank statement. But he has all his own teeth, and he was wearing shoes.”--THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MAVIS WOODSTOCK, No. 1 in The Val & Kit Mystery Series