Now a proud and patriotic US citizen and Texan, Rosalind Burgess grew up in London and currently calls Houston home. She has also lived in Germany, Iowa, and Minnesota. Roz retired from the airline industry to devote all her working hours to writing (although it seems more like fun than work). Patricia Obermeier Neuman spent her childhood and early adulthood moving around the Midwest (Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana), as a trailing child and then as a trailing spouse (inspiring her first book, Moving: The What, When, Where & How of It). A former reporter and editor, Patty lives with her husband in Door County, Wisconsin. They have three children and twelve grandchildren. Roz and Patty, along with characters Val and Kit, agree that friendship, humor, and love are as compelling as solving murders. Below, Roz and Patty demonstrate their favorite beauty tip gleaned from Val & Kit: sunglasses! Roz and her partner, Mike, stand by the Bay in Door County, Wisconsin, and Patty and her husband, Johnny, hike The Art Smith Trail in Palm Desert, California (research for DEATH IN DOOR COUNTY and PALM DESERT KILLING, respectively).